The plot shown above is an example of the approach developed by Ed Fitzpatrick and myself for codifying the properties of UV extinction curves by a few simple, physically meaningful functions.

Research activities:

I have made a number of contributions to the study of the properties of interstellar dust. Much of this work was carried out in collaborations with Blair Savage and Ed Fitzpatrick.

Helped to create a standard approach to the analysis of interstellar extinction. Even the more recent empirical model described by Cardelli et al. (the CCM family of extinction curves) contains the Fitzpatrick and Massa formalism at its core.

Provided the first rigorous demonstration that the form of UV extinction is highly variable, even in the diffuse interstellar medium.

Provided one of the first demonstrations that the form of UV extinction is sensitive to its environment.

Established the formulation for the impact of systematic errors on extinction curves which has been adopted as the standard in the field.

Quantified the effects of extinction uncertainties on a stellar continuum dereddened with an arbitrary extinction curve.
While I am not currently active in this field, I do remain abreast of the literature.

Some relevant publications:

Invited Review: ``Measurements of Interstellar Extinction'', D. Massa and B.D. Savage 1989, in IAU Symp. No 135, ``Interstellar Dust'', eds. L.J. Allamandola and A.G.G.M. Tielens, p. 3

Papers in Refereed Journals:

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Derck Massa,
Raytheon ITSS