The links on this page point to color representations of the MEGA data for:

o N IV 1718 in the WN5 star HD 50896
o Si IV 1393, 1402 in the B0.5 Ib star HD 64760, and
o Si IV 1393, 1402 in the O4 I(n)f star HD 66811 (Zeta Pup).

These are the COMPLETED time series for the MEGA project. In all the figures time increases upward, and the individual spectra are placed onto a linear time grid by a nearest neighbor interpolation scheme. Gaps appear in the data whenever more than 5 hours elapsed between the available observations.

The spectra have been normalized by a maximum flux (minimum absorption) spectrum. This is obtained by determining the maximum flux at each velocity to produce a minimum absorption spectrum. This spectrum is then used to normalize all of the spectra shown in the figure. This normalization has the desirable property that it makes all changes appear as absorptions.

A complete overview of the project is now published in ApJ, 452, L53, along with articles describing the results for HD 50896 (ApJ, 452, L57), HD 64760 (ApJ, 452, L61), and HD 66811 (ApJ, 452, L65).

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Prepared by: Derck Massa, Hughes STX