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Professional Activities and Awards:

Professional Experience:

  • Individual Scientific Research:
    • Stellar Astronomy: I have been the PI on Chandra, FUSE, HST, IUE (including a 19-th episode key program) and ADP programs aimed at understanding the nature of hot stars. These programs involve research on OB stars (with scientists at JHU, Munich, UCL, Villanova, U. Del and U. Wisc) and Cepheid stars (with scientists at SAO and NASA/GSFC). Topics include methods to determine the masses of classical Cepheids, mass loss and wind variability in OB stars and the determination of iron abundances in main sequence B stars. Results include demonstrating that the winds of LMC O stars are strongly clumped, establishing that the winds of B supergiants are modulated by stellar rotation, developing a new approach to fitting UV wind lines, determining the intrinsic UV continua of O stars, deriving abundances from wind lines, establishing the presence of velocity gradients in the atmospheres of B supergiants, demonstrating the effects of gravitational darkening in late O stars, and developing a UV spectral classification scheme for B stars.
    • Interstellar Medium: I am currently the PI on an ADP program to model the global kinematic and density structure of the galactic halo. Previous work in this area includes modeling the behavior halo gas along specific lines of sight and one of the first global analyses of halo gas. I also made significant contributions to the understanding of the UV extinction of interstellar dust. This includes one of the first demonstrations that the form of interstellar extinction varies (which included one of the first astronomical applications of principle component analysis), an analysis of the systematic errors incurred in UV extinction curve measurements which has become the standard in the field, and a collaboration with Ed Fitzpatrick (Villanova) which established the standard for subsequent work in the field.
    • Instrumentation and data processing: With Endal, I introduced a new approach for resolving specific binaries, including Cepheid systems. This approach is the basis of a current HST program. I am also currently a PI on a NASA AISRP progarm to develop an IUE time series browser. I also have considerable experience in multivariate statistics (including nonlinear problems) and the application of theoretical models.

  • Project Support Work:
    • FUSE Support Scientist: As a support scientist, I am responsible for instrument characterization, science software development and ablsolute flux calibration. I was also involved with supporting the FUSE hot star team in the planning, reduction and analysis of observations of hot stars.
    • UV Acquisition Scientist: As an ingest scientist, I was responsible for negotiating with projects for delivery of their data to the NSSDC, scientific verification of the data upon delivery, and dissemination of the data to the scientific user community. These functions require inter-personal skills, an understanding of a wide range of instrumentation, extensive data analysis skills (outlined above) and an ability to anticipate and respond to the needs of the user community. As part of this activity, I designed several data browsers (including the original IUE browser, whose GIF images are still in use at MAST), and I developed the software pipelines to produce them.
    • Project Management: I was the ARC project manager for its {\it COBE}\/ science support contract, a subcontract to General Sciences Corp. I was responsible for 10 ARC employees, 6 of them PhDs. Our primary roles were the development of scientific calibrations and developing the basic algorithms for the data processing pipelines for both the FIRAS and DIRBE instruments.
    • Director of Astrophysical Sciences: My responsibilities in this capacity were business development, proposal writing, providing guidance for young ARC astronomers in establishing their professional careers, preparing the ARC BAAS Observatory report, and acting as a liaison between ARC astronomers and management.

  • Publications:

    Invited Review: ``Measurements of Interstellar Extinction'', D. Massa and B.D. Savage 1989, in IAU Symp. No 135, ``Interstellar Dust'', eds. L.J. Allamandola and A.G.G.M. Tielens, p. 3

    Papers in Refereed Journals:

    ``Main-Sequence B Stars with Strong Winds in the Core of NGC 6231 II: Verification of the Springmann-Pauldrach Effect?'', D. Massa 2004, in preparation

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    In addition to the preceding publications, I have also presented 25 papers at AAS meetings and a variety of conferences.

    Derck Massa
    SGT, Inc.