From 1995 through 1997, I was a heavily involved with the ADF, which is part of the Space Science Data Operations Office. During that time, I was a UV/Optical Acquisition Scientist, and instrumental in developing several UV spectral browsers and supporting material.

As an acquisition scientist, I also performed science verification activities which resulted in the discovery of several problems with the IUE Final Archive (NEWSIPS) data. These are summarized in a paper which was presented at the conference Ultraviolet Astrophysics Beyond the IUE Final Archive held in Seville in 1997 November.

The problems with the low resolution NEWSIPS IUE data can be largely corrected. The corrections algorithms are described in a the preprint A recalibration of IUE NEWSIPS low dispersion data by Massa and Fitzpatrick.

Derck Massa,
Emergent IT